Please Note costumes pictured are examples from Costume World's tremendous inventory. Selection will vary depending on sizes required and stock availability and fluctuation.

  • Rappin’ Rodents are all the rage at Costume World. Our large selection of mascots boast this cute hamster with hat and gangsta necklace ready to ride off in a small car! Costume features a full head with hat, padded body, hands, tail and feet!
  • Our favorite feathered fowl-this costume is ready to entertain at parties and events. From the top of his feathery head to the tip of his big orange feet, this is a costume that is sure to be a hit on any street!
  • Always hungry for fun (and cookies), our furry blue friend will delight all ages! This costume is great for parades, holiday gatherings and just to make any day more delightful –but lock the cookie jar!
  • A precious peaceful kitten to charm you! What a welcome addition this costume will be to your festivities. Beloved by little girls of all ages, kitty is the perfect choice for birthday parties!
  • If you need a costume that brings an ocean of excitement, this square yellow guy is the right choice. He might be square but this costume guaranteed all round fun!